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Do you like Dinosaurs? those 50 speedy Dinosaur proof are idela for more youthful readers, or humans eager to understand extra approximately Dinosaurs!

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The very first Dinosaur to be officially named was the Megalosaurus, in 1824. It is believed that what killed off the Dinosaurs was a massive asteroid impact throwing up debris into the atmosphere, which blocked out the sun. It is thought that the fastest Dinosaur was the Coelophysis, which they think could reach 30 mph for short distances. It is believed the cleverest Dinosaur was the Troodon! Creatures which lived in the sea at the same time, are not called Dinosaurs even though living at the same time.

The Iguanodon was one of the very first Dinosaurs to be discovered, but was THE first Dinosaur to be actually named! The Tyrannosaurus Rex was believed to weigh around 7 tonnes!

The word Dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’! The group of animals which Dinosaurs belong to is called ‘Dinosauria’ which was formally recognised in 1842 by palaeontologist Sir Richard Owen. While scientists can never be 100% sure they believe one of the largest dinosaurs ever to have lived was the ‘Argentinosaurus’, which weighed up to 100000 kilograms! Another huge Dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus at 80 tonnes! One of the smallest dinosaurs was the ‘Anchiornis’ which had an estimated weight of 110grams.

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