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I just wanted answers, now I’m mated and supposed to rule. I can’t do that. ” Lorcan asked as he wrapped an arm around his twin’s shoulders. ” “No, yes, I-I don’t—” Caleb started to answer as he lost his ability to talk over the pounding in his head. He turned to look at Micah for help. “Caleb, you can’t turn your back on this, buddy,” Micah said gently as he moved towards Caleb. He felt his eyes go wide at what his best friend said. If anyone should have been on Caleb’s side, it should have been Micah.

Deciding to try and let them know he was okay, he sent them a big, goofy grin as he walked past them into the house. He gently laid the man in his arms down on the couch, and Riley immediately got to work on the man. Caleb turned and walked back out the front door to grab another person from the cars. They had gotten there in time before the humans started the experiments, but the vampires had all been out for the count. ” Liam asked, grabbing his arm. The only way Caleb could tell which one was talking was because Liam wore the same shirt as when he left earlier.

Caleb asked, his entire body shaking with grief. As much as it hurt his heart and tore at his sanity to hear this, he needed to know. “Athena was a very smart woman, Lord Caleb,” Jacob answered softly. “She knew if you all fled, the Dards would give chase. Your father agreed, kissed you goodbye with tears in his eyes, and then went for his sword. They hoped to buy us enough time to get you out and no one would notice your absence in the confusion. The Dards knew about your birth, of course, and would want the only heir dead as well.

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