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General Editor: Peter Calow, division of Zoology, college of Sheffield, England the most target of this sequence might be to demonstrate and to give an explanation for the best way organisms 'make a dwelling' in nature. on the center of this - their useful biology - is the way in which organisms collect after which utilize assets in metabolism, circulation, progress, replica, and so forth. those approaches will shape the basic framework of all of the books within the sequence. each one e-book will pay attention to a selected taxon (species, relations, category or perhaps phylum) and may collect details at the shape, body structure, ecology and evolutionary biology of the gang. the purpose could be not just to explain how organisms paintings, but additionally to contemplate why they've got come to paintings in that approach. via targeting taxa that are renowned, it truly is was hoping that the sequence won't in basic terms illustrate the luck of choice, but in addition exhibit the limitations imposed upon it via the physiological, morpho­ logical and developmentallimhations of the teams. one other very important function of the sequence may be its organismic orientation. each one booklet will emphasise the significance of sensible integration within the daily lives and the evolution of organisms. this is often the most important seeing that, even though it can be precise that organisms might be regarded as collections of gene-determined characteristics, they neverthe­ much less engage with their setting as built-in wholes and it's during this context that exact features were subjected to traditional choice and feature evolved.

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Only a few species exhibit forms of locomotion other than undulatory propulsion (Adams and Tyler, 1980). 12: In a Film of Water, Locomotion is Dependent on the Surface Tension Forces Acting upon the Nematode. This diagram shows these forces in a thick film (a) and a thin film (b), and in a thin film when the nematode is in motion (c). A thin film of water is displaced when the nematode moves (c). ' N, . ,'~": . '. 13: When Swimming a Nematode Exhibits a Single Wave, with Two Stationary Nodes. 14: Undulatory Locomotion and the State of Muscular Contraction in (a) a Single Plane, and (b) when Spiralling.

There are connections between the dorsal excitatory (DE) and dorsal inhibitory (01) neurons and between the ventral excitatory (VE) and ventral inhibitory (VI) neurons. Open triangles represent excitatory synapses and closed triangles inhibitory synapses. Excitatory connections VE to 01 and DE to VI allow a reciprocal inhibition between the dorsal and ventral nerves and thus provide the basis for a neuronal oscillator. Synapses on to the excitatory neurons at the top of the diagram are from interneurons.

Neurons pass round the body at intervals as commissures and form the dorsal nerve cord (DNC). The posterior nerve ring consists of rectal ganglia and commissures and has motoneurons to the tail musculature and sensory neurons to the posterior sense organs. Original, based on the descriptions of White et al. (1976) and other sources commissure ONC VN( post erior nerve r ni g VNC nervous system which is virtually self-contained (Albertson and Thomson, 1976). 2). 4). The dorsal nerve cord is thus much simpler than the ventral cord, consisting mainly of motoneurons with fewer interneurons.

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