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By J. Hicks (Auth.)

A realistic 'how to do it' e-book written with the layout and welding interface in brain. It informs designers not just of what they need to learn about welding but additionally, and most significantly, units out the data the dressmaker should still supply to the welding engineer or fabrication superintendent in order that the designer's goals could be accomplished, by way of engineering functionality, defense, reliability, expense and visual appeal

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A lot of people think they understand welding and some of them do. Of these, many have picked up knowledge secondhand or by hearsay. Some of it is out of date whilst some can be quite incorrect. The following table compares some of the myths of welding with the correct information. 60 Hearsay Correct information Welds should not be used in tension Welds can be made as strong as required which is usually as strong as the metal being joined Mild steel cannot be Most combinations of metals can be welded together provided that their melting points are welded to high not too different tensile steel C 0 2 welding always The quality of a weld depends on the establishgives lack of sidewall ment of a sound welding procedure and fusion adherence to it in production, with properly maintained equipment Welders are awkward people Manual welding is an unusual skill often performed in unusually uncomfortable conditions.

This is used for catering equipment as well as for chemical process plant; it is easily welded using the proper procedures and can be polished to a bright surface. However, a warning should be given that it is not resistant to corrosion in all environments and specialist advice should be sought in choosing this or any of the other stainless steels. In high temperatures, such as the conditions prevailing in steam power generating equipment, a range of creep resisting steels is used embodying elements such as nickel and chromium in different proportions as well as molybdenum and vanadium.

To give a customer confidence that the WPS is suitable, an inspector may be sent to monitor the welding and the tests, alternatively welding and testing may be witnessed by an independent inspection company who will confirm that the tests have been properly carried out. 34; what is of relevance to the designer is to see that the details of the weld preparation are included. This means that if the WPS number is referred to on the drawing it may not be necessary to detail the edge preparations but if they are detailed, they must be consistent with the WPS detail.

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