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It takes a thief to trap a thief...and one kiss to thieve a center. For one short second, girl Emily Knight knew what heaven used to be whilst she shared a soul-searing kiss with Peter. yet a penniless early life schooled within the London streets can't love a stunning heiress—so he vanished, leaving Emily heartbroken . . . Now a powerful Bow road Runner, Peter returns to seek down an elusive thief who is been preying at the Oxfordshire wealthy—even notwithstanding his challenge needs to unavoidably reunite him with the sensuous good looks who haunts his goals and whose style nonetheless lingers on his lips. yet as tantalizing embraces enflame their ardour once again, will Emily's wisdom of the thief's actual id rework wish into mistrust and impassioned fanatics into harmful adversaries?

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Here? At Knighthaven? ” A KISS BEFORE DAWN 29 “That’s right. ” Oh, dear God! Emily felt all of the blood in her body drain into her toes and her pulse start to pound in her ears as her world narrowed down to Peter’s piercing eyes, staring at her with a disturbing intensity. She should have known, should have suspected, but she’d been so caught off guard by his unexpected arrival that the possibility hadn’t even occurred to her. How would Peter react if he discovered that the girl he’d grown up with, the girl he’d once taught to pick pockets for the sheer fun of it, was now using those very skills to rob the good citizens of Oxfordshire?

Especially recently. She didn’t know what she would have done if she hadn’t had Jenna and Miles to turn to for help when this whole ordeal had started. ” Jenna’s slow drawl drew her from her musings, and Emily looked up to find the girl watching her through narrowed brown eyes. ” “That’s true,” Miles mused, his expression curious. “Every time we’ve tried to ask you about it, you’ve put us off. ” Emily quickly avoided their too-perceptive stares. “Not precisely,” she murmured. An argument. If only it had been that simple.

By the time Tristan had found her, she had come to the realization that he de- 44 KIMBERLY LOGAN served a second chance and that she’d been far from innocent in their battle of wills. It was through Tristan’s search for her, she had discovered, that he had met Deirdre. He had enlisted the widow’s aid to locate Emily, and the two had fallen in love. An angel of mercy for the people of the rookeries, Deirdre’s past as a pickpocket had led to her dream of opening a home for former street urchins, and after her marriage to Tristan, that dream had become a reality.

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