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A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionar is a distinct sourcebook for historians of arithmetic, astronomy and philosophy. it really is Charles Hutton's so much recognized paintings and broadly thought of to be the successor to John Harris's nice Lexicon Technicum, or an common English Dictionary of the humanities and Sciences (1704). initially released in volumes in 1795-6, this expansive clinical encyclopedia comprises millions of motives of phrases and a wealth of biographical info at the significant British and ecu scientists and philosophers. one of the biographical entries, which come with certain bibliographical descriptions, are Berkeley, Huygens, Boyle, Bacon, Gassendi, Flamsteed, Hooke, Brahe, Newton, Galileo and Halley. the various medical phrases are concisely defined and illuminated via examples and illustrations.

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According to perdurance theory, it is long-lived sums of stages which are tennis balls, whereas according to stage theory, it is the stages themselves which are tennis balls (or bananas, or human beings, as the case may be). Why on earth should we take stage theory seriously? One general reason for considering alternative accounts is that by comparison we may arrive at a more accurate assessment of our established beliefs. 6 Why consider this particular account? The remainder of this book will demonstrate that stage theory is a successful, plausible account of persistence, that the theory holds up well against both endurance and perdurance theories when it comes to explaining various familiar features of the persistence of material objects.

Parts and Stages 41 that only Margaret the cat is purring at t, because the business of satisfying predicates in virtue of the properties of temporal parts is also maximal—only the largest suitable candidate qualifies as purring at t. The latter option seems preferable—not only is the satisfaction of sortal predicates determined by temporal maximality (no proper temporal part of a cat is a cat), but the satisfaction of non-sortal predicates at times is determined by temporal maximality (the purring of the brief temporal part of the cat makes it true that the largest cat-like thing is purring at t, but nothing else counts as purring at t).

Could there be an object which endured in the standard sense but not in my sense? There might perhaps be an object which endured without changing its parts—atemporal statements about this object’s parts would not be contradictory, since the object has the same parts at all times. Nevertheless, there may be a deeper reason for endurance theorists to accept the second clause of my definition—that statements about an enduring object’s parts must be made relative to some time or other— even with respect to objects which do not change their parts over time.

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