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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

From Bram Stoker Award winner and Nebula and international delusion Awards finalist Nina Kiriki Hoffman comes a unique of 2 younger those that stay outdoor traditional reality-and who're approximately to find life's impressive possibilities..."A consistent excitement to learn. Hoffman's most sensible and so much whole novel to date."-Locus"Hoffman reworks a well-known define with clean outstanding principles and massive flair."-Kirkus stories "An enticing story, informed with nice ability, choked with attention-grabbing characters."-The Davis firm

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Nathan smiled and vanished, then reappeared a moment later. “Guest room’s all set up,” he said. ” “Sleep might be a good idea,” he said, his voice still wavering. —Hi. — —Hi, Matt. Oregon. Guthrie. Lee Street. — —House! Thanks for a nice night. — Matt sat up, sheet and featherbed bunching around her waist. She was wearing the olive-green waffle-weave top of her long johns and a pair of underpants. She glanced over at the other bed. Edmund was still asleep under his covers. His face did not look rested.

She looked up at him. She had to take two steps for every one of his, and today he wasn’t paying attention to that fact. The comforting, considerate man she had met a few days ago had turned into someone else, and she had helped him do it. She gripped his sleeve. “Slow down a little,” she said. He started, noticed her, came to a standstill. “Sorry,” he said, looking like himself again. “It’s okay,” she said. He hesitated, then said, “I keep having these thoughts. ” He smiled his most beautiful, tranquil smile and shook his head.

Matt asked. Nathan turned to her. His image shifted from solid-looking boy to see-through; all his edges glowed foxfire green. “Nice,” she said. Edmund stepped closer to the image of Deirdre. “I can’t connect her to the kid I knew all those years,” he said, walking around her, glancing at the shadowy man beside her. ” asked Nathan. Deirdre’s image turned and stared into Edmund’s eyes. He backed up a step. “Didn’t think very hard about it, I guess,” Edmund said. “Roller derby or mud-wrestling, maybe.

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