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By Richard B. Meagher, Elizabeth C. McKinney (auth.), C. J. Staiger, F. Baluška, D. Volkmann, P. W. Barlow (eds.)

Actin is an exceptionally ample protein that contains a dynamic polymeric community found in all eukaryotic cells, referred to as the actin cytoskeleton. The constitution and serve as of the actin cytoskeleton, that is modulated by way of a plethora of actin-binding proteins, plays a various variety of mobile roles. Well-documented features for actin comprise: supplying the molecular tracks for cytoplasmic streaming and organelle hobbies; formation of tethers that consultant the mobilephone plate to the department web site in the course of cytokinesis; production of honeycomb-like arrays that enmesh and immobilize plastids in designated subcellular styles; aiding the vesicle site visitors and cytoplasmic association crucial for the directional secretory mechanism that underpins tip progress of definite cells; and coordinating the frilly cytoplasmic responses to additional- and intracellular indications. the former 20 years have witnessed an incredible accumulation of knowledge in relation to the mobile, biochemical, and molecular facets of most of these basic mobile strategies. This caused the editors to place jointly a various number of issues, contributed through verified overseas specialists, with regards to the plant actin cytoskeleton. as the actin cytoskeleton impinges on a mess of procedures severe for plant progress and improvement, in addition to for responses to the surroundings, the ebook should be necessary to any researcher, from the complex undergraduate to the senior investigator, who's drawn to those parts of plant mobile biology.

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AcMYOI is similar but has four IQ motifs and a very short tail (18 aa residues). Class VIII and XI myosins are predicted to be dimeric molecules whereas those in class XIII are predicted to be monomeric. , 1997). These sequences are available under Genbank: U48781-U48791 . ,,/ Ac MYO I XIII Ac MY02 Figure 3. Unrooted phylogenetic tree of the 25 plant myosins. , 1994). , 1993). A second guide alignment with these core motor domain sequences was produced and the tree drawn using TreeViewPPC (Page, 1996).

Plant Mol Bioi 26: 1139-1153 Knight AE and Kendrick-Jones J (1993) A myosin-like protein from a higher plant. J Mol Bioi 231: 148-154 2. Myosins 43 Kohno T and Shimmen T (1988) Accelerated sliding of pollen-tube organelles along Characean actin bundles regulated by Ca2+. J Cell BioI 106: 1539-1543 Kuroda K (1990) Cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells. Int Rev Cyto1121: 267-307 La Claire II JW (1991) Immunolocalization of myosin in intact and wounded cells of the green alga Ernodesmis verticillata (Kiitzing) Borgesen.

Myosin VIII may have another possible role in the system involved in anchoring or directing cytoplasmic F-actin cables through or to plasmadesmata. , 1996). Such particle movement is most likely to be an exaggerated form of normal directed cell transport. It is interesting therefore, that the density of plasmodesmata is far greater in the transverse end walls than in the longitudinal side walls (Juniper & Barlow, 1969). -'--- . ~. 5h 5<: 611 ........... - .. --- ~ --... Figure 4. Immunolocalisation of myosin VIII in longitudinal cress root section.

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