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Allow a pro venture finance specialist consultant you thru to pricing and negotiating a venture finance care for the version with this new workbook. learn how to examine the monetary modeling from a extra serious perspective. This workbook good points labored examples of creating and analysing every one step of the undertaking finance version, so that you thoroughly comprehend the method.

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It becomes quickly obvious from these simple definitions of the major project documents and contracts above that they are not mutually exclusive. They cannot be negotiated in a vacuum. A good project must negotiate project documents in consort with each other, while always keeping a close watch on the future financing documents. A good model will be one of the key elements in those negotiations. Let us return again to the main precept of the workbook: always negotiate off the model. Module 2: Modelling conventions and advanced Excel techniques Introduction points on Excel Before getting started with the case and model, it is good to review some modelling techniques, shortcut keys and layout designs that will be used throughout the workbook.

For the sake of this workbook, these two risks shall be aggregated and focus will be placed on the technical component. The managerial component is a difficult risk to model. It is assumed that the project’s sponsor(s) will choose an operator with a strong track record, including managing the project during the operational phase. It is important to note that day-to-day management is different from project governance. It is also assumed that the equity holders will control all the project’s board seats and will govern according to the shareholder agreements and the loan documents.

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