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Onari, T. Arai, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 1998, 226, 92. M. M. O’Reilly, J. Phys. Chem. B 1999, 103, 4171. L. Andreozzi, M. Faetti, M. Giordano, D. Palazzuoli, F. Zulli, Macromolecules 2003, 36, 7379. R. G. Cowie, R. Freguson, I. McEwan, Polymer 2001, 42, 6991. M. Hodge, Macromolecules 1987, 20, 2897. L. Gomez Ribelles, A. Ribes Greus, R. Diaz Calleja, Polymer 1990, 31, 223. G. Cowie, R. Freguson, Macromolecules 1989, 22, 2307. Italian P. MI2003A000542 (2003) Università degli Studi di Brescia M. Penco, L.

2. THERMAL PROPERTIES AND STRUCTURAL RELAXATION BEHAVIOUR OF PC A. Materials Homo-polycarbonates and statistical copolycarbonates containing different bisphenol A/tetramethyl bisphenol A (BPA/TMBPA) molar ratio were synthesized by polycondensation reaction between bisphenol(s) (or a mixture of two) and phosgene. The reactions (see scheme) were carried out at 5°C in toluene, using amines as acid acceptors [10,11]. The reaction conditions were selected for obtaining materials with different BPA/TMBPA content but analogous number average molecular weight ( M n ≈9000 g/mol), or same composition but different M n ; this is essential if the effect of the macromolecular structure and molecular weight on thermal properties must be studied.

Heating scans at 10°C/min for PMMA1 (a) and PMMA5 (b) cooled at the rates indicated against each curve and immediately reheated in DSC. All the cooling and the heating scans concerning an experiment were run on the same sample. 42 Maurizio Penco, Stefania Della Sciucca, Gloria Spagnoli et al. Table 6. 0 -1 1000/Tf (K ) Figure 8. Fictive temperature attained in the glassy state after cooling from equilibrium at different cooling rates qc. 0E+06 Figure 9. Apparent activation energy determined from results shown in Figure 2 for the PMMA with varying molecular mass.

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