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Asymptotic Theory of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Singularly Perturbed Domains: Volume II

For the 1st time within the mathematical literature this two-volume paintings introduces a unified and normal method of the asymptotic research of elliptic boundary price difficulties in singularly perturbed domain names. whereas the 1st quantity is dedicated to perturbations of the boundary close to remoted singular issues, this moment quantity treats singularities of the boundary in greater dimensions in addition to nonlocal perturbations.

Dynamical Tunneling: Theory and Experiment

A renowned point of quantum idea, tunneling arises in numerous contexts throughout a number of fields of analysis, together with nuclear, atomic, molecular, and optical physics and has ended in technologically appropriate purposes in mesoscopic technological know-how. Exploring mechanisms and results, Dynamical Tunneling: conception and scan offers the paintings of foreign specialists who speak about the huge growth that has been accomplished during this area some time past 20 years.


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This suggests a kind of *) We assume that all fields are described by undors (reflection (34)]) and not by "quasi-undors" (reflection Iji' = ~Iji). (9), 3 34 F. J. BELINFANTE symmetry between both ways of describing physical situations *). By way of hypothesis one might assume that such a symmetry is a fundamental property of nature. ). Therefore we shall postulate that every physically significant quantity in quantum-mechanics (that is, every q-number correctly representing the value of an observable) is invariant by transition from one description of the fields of wave-functions to the chargeconjugated description, or, in shorter terms, is charge-£nvar£ant.

In order to explain the range of about 2 X 10-13 cm of the nuclear forces, he assumed that this quantum had a mass about 200 times as large as the electron mass: m R:i 200 m. In his original theory this field was tentatively regarded as a scalar field. Then, however, it turned out 2) that, if the energy of the field of heavy quanta was assumed to be positive, the exchange force between a proton and a neutron became repulsive in a 3S state, in contradiction to the fact that this is the ground state of the deuteron.

For this purpose we put ~ao = ~oa = Ea; ~bc = - ~cb = Ha;

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