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By David Eldridge

В этой книге предлагается краткий обзор главных культурных событий Америки в 30-х годах XX века: в области литературы и театра, музыки и радио, кино и фотографии, живописи и дизайна, а также ведущей роли федерального правительства в развитии искусств. Книга помогает понять культурные импульсы радикализма, национализма и бегство от действительности, характерные для Соединенных Штатов в 1930-е.Образцы сканов:

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28 Moreover, as its title suggests, the statement linked the fate of culture closely to the economic disaster. The immediate ‘cultural crisis’ included the unemployment of artists, writers, intellectuals, the ‘teachers on the breadlines’ and the ‘actors and playwrights [who] starve’ while theatres close – concerns that later informed the New Deal’s Arts Projects. 30 Capitalism either regarded artists and intellectuals as ‘superfluous’, or applied ‘false money standards’ to creative endeavours. The result, in either case, was ‘spiritual degradation’ of both the artist and the nation.

On the eve of the 1932 election, General Douglas MacArthur led troops against 15,000 First World War veterans, evicting them and their families from makeshift camps around Washington DC. Unemployed and destitute, most of the men in this ‘Bonus Expeditionary Force’ had come to the capital to demand early payment of a bonus that they were due to receive in 1945; instead they met obstruction in Congress and forceful dispersal by the army they had once served. Gassed, shot at or bayoneted, two protestors were killed and two children died of asphyxiation.

Coughlin though, went further than Long toward fascism. 22 He also conjured a conspiracy of international bankers, Communists, union agitators and ‘Jew Dealers’ and built a political organisation on the strength of his following, forming the National Union for Social Justice in 1934 and the Union Party in 1936. 23 However, while dissidents from all over the political spectrum tried to seize on the discontent of the millions of unemployed and the insecurity of those whose jobs were vulnerable, the American Right fared little better than the communists.

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