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The purpose of this paintings is to supply a fuller spectrum of knowledge in one resource on enzyme-catalyzed reactions than is presently on hand in any released reference paintings or as a part of any net database. The Enzyme Reference: A finished Guidebook to Enzyme Nomenclature, Reactions, and strategies comprises 20,000 assessment articles and seminal learn papers.

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Glick ( E d i t o r ) , Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Vol. 2 4 , John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1977. A. H. M. -R. Schulten, Biomed. , 1(1974)352. 14 K. -R. Schulten, Biomed. Mass Spectrom. 3(1976)137. -R. D. Beckey, Org. Mass 7(1973)861. , 29 THERMAL PROCEDURES IN COUPLING WITH THIN-LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY Egon STAHL Pharmakognosie und Analytische Phytochemie der Universität des Saarlandes, D 6600 Saarbrücken (G. F. ) SUMMARY A direct coupling of an isothermal heating procedure with thin-layer chromatography (TAS-procedure) proves to be useful for the micro-extraction of volatile substances from complex samples.

Habfast, U. Shroder, and P. Schulze, 19th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Atlanta, May 1971, paper K9. 21 F . W . A. Michnowicz, R. Venkataraghavan, P. Rogers on, a n d B . G . G i e s s n e r , Anal. C h e m . , 44(1972)2282. 22 T. W a c h s , C . C . Van de Sande, and F . W . McLafferty, Org. , in p r e s s . A. Baldwin and F . W . McLafferty, Org. , 7(1973) 1111. 24 R. Venkataraghavan and F . W . McLafferty, Chem. T e c h n . , (1972)364. 25 M . J . Lacey and C . G . MacDonald, Chem.

I FÖRMIGEN PRODUKTE j - Fraktionierte Destillation, Sublimation (Ermittlung der Temperaturbereiche) Optimierung TAS-Verfahren ■ Fraktionierte Thermolyse (Lignine, Gerbstoffe, Kohlehydrate, Alkaloide und Glykoside in Drogen, Kunststoffe i. ) - Bindungsverhältnisse in Gemischen und Polymeren (Ester-, Äther-, Kohlenstoff-, H- Brtlckenblndung) Fig. 2 The various development and interest fields in coupling of thermal procedures with TLC For preparative purposes we developed JUMBO TAS with a 2 1 cartridge[5]; for testing in series we had to take a different route.

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