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By Stephen M. Tomecek

The act of speaking is not only a human trait. From bugs and birds to fish and mammals, such a lot animals use a few kind of communique to assist them get foodstuff, discover a mate, and safeguard their territory. "Animal communique" explores the various alternative ways within which animals converse and examines the various newest medical discoveries concerning animal intelligence and conversation. Readers also will find out how scientists are operating to make the dream of speaking at once with animals a fact.

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When she is ready to mate, the female will release a pheromone called bombykol into the air from a man mimiCS motH for humans, understanding insect pheromones can solve problems. scientists can use insect pheromones to trick and trap some annoying pests. for example, gypsy moth larvae can literally chew the leaves off an entire forest of trees. this not only looks bad, but also can ultimately kill the trees. using a synthetic version of the female gypsy moth pheromone, scientists can lure male gypsy moths into traps.

Like most snakes, when rattlesnakes grow, they shed their skin. In young rattlesnakes, the last scale on the end of the tail doesn’t shed. It stays attached to the snake’s body by a cord-like structure. Each time the snake sheds its skin, the last scale doesn’t shed. As the snake grows, these scales build up. When a rattlesnake feels threatened, it shakes its tail and the scales make a rattling sound. Some animals make sound by striking other objects with parts of their own bodies. When a woodpecker uses its bill to drill into a tree, it is sometimes doing more than looking for food.

As it turns out, many species of fish and marine mammals “sing” to attract mates. In the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington State lives a fish called a midshipman. Like many species of fish, midshipman males build nests with their tails in tidal pools along the shore. Once a nest is built, the midshipman will “sing” to attract a female. If the female finds him desirable, she will lay her eggs in the nest and he will fertilize them. After fertilizing the first set of eggs, the male will sing again, trying to attract more females.

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