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A Metallurgical paintings in English through a chinese language writer is rare; yet lengthy place of abode in the United States, and in England and different components of Europe, and lots more and plenty learn of English literature, have familiarised me with the language, and feature inspired me to make it the medium for featuring my paintings to the English-speaking public: and that i wish to exhibit my due to Messrs Charles Griffin & Co. for the chance they've got afforded me of doing so.

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Its specific density = 6'69 at moderate temperatures. It cannot be melted and is not volatile. It is not soluble in acids, with the exception of concentrated hydrochloric acid. It can be reduced by carbon, potassium cyanide, potassium, and sodium. At the temperature of the melting of silver, the dissociation pressure of the oxygen is so great that the trioxide is formed. When the tetroxide is heated with antimony the trioxide is formed. The tetroxide is reduced by sulphur, with the formation of SO2.

Colour smoky brown to brownish yellow. Streak yellow. —Constantine, Algiers. Plagionite. iSb^. —Monoclinic. Crystals thick tabular. G. = 5*4. Lustre metallic. —At Wolfsberg, Arnsberg. H. = 2*5. Plumbostannite. —Sulphantimonate of lead, tin, and iron. —Amorphous, granular. H. = 2. Feel greasy, like graphite. —Peru. Polybasite. SboS3. —- Orthorhombic. "H. = 2-3. G. = 6-0-6*2. Lustre metallic. Colour iron-black. Streak black... —Mexico; Chili; Pribram. 42 THE METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY. Pyrargyrite. Sb2S3.

Hi prismatic crystals. (Uves oil' antimony fumes before blowpipe ; yields metallic copper when treated with soda. —At the copper mines at foot of Mu ley-11 aeon, Andalusia. 40 THE METALLURGY OF ANTIMONY. Jamesonite. Sb2S3. —Orthorhombic. Usually in acicular crystals; but common in capillary, cobweb-like forms. Brittle. H. = 2-3. G. = 5-5-6-0. Lustre metallic. Colour steel-gray to dark lead-gray. Opaque. , Arkansas; at the Montezurna mine, Nevada. Kermesite. —Antimony oxysulphide, Sb2S2O or 2Sb2S;rSb208.

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