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By R T Blickenstaff

Antitumor Steroids examines using steroids, in addition to nonsteroidal antiestrogens and a few benzo[a]carbazoles, within the therapy of melanoma. It explains the mechanism in which steroids and their receptors interact to impact their physiological features generally and their antitumor job particularly. It additionally describes the systematic screening of antitumor compounds remoted from common resources.
Organized into 9 chapters, this e-book starts with an outline of the position of steroids in melanoma remedy. It then discusses the estrogens, antiestrogens, and compounds (all containing an fragrant A-ring). the following chapters examine androgens, a few antiandrogens, derivatives in response to C-19 steroids, progestins and corticoids, bile acids, and compounds with a side-chain carboxyl staff. The ebook explains the biogenesis and metabolism of androgens; the pharmacology of medroxyprogesterone acetate; the antitumor houses of obviously happening corticosteroids; sterols and cucurbitacins; diet D and its metabolites; and cardenolides, bufadienolides, and withanolides. The ebook concludes with a bankruptcy on bile acids, sapogenins and its analogs, and miscellaneous steroids.
This publication is a necessary source for natural and medicinal chemists biochemists, and pharmacologists drawn to using steroids in treating melanoma.

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Fruitful approaches for future research would appear to include (1) further synthesis of radioligands (initial data seem quite attractive), (2) synthesis of spacer-linked cytotoxic agents in order to maintain ER binding and possibly develop antiestrogenicity (see ICI 164,384 and ICI 182,780, 162a and 162h), and (3) synthesis of compounds that bind irreversibly to ER (suicide inhibitors), for example, the mesylate 299. REFERENCES 1. R. M. Evans (1988). The steroid and thyroid hormone receptor superfamily.

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