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This publication is a vital reference for a person utilizing AppleScript to switch current scripts or write new ones. It presents many pattern scripts and discusses complicated issues resembling writing command handlers for script purposes, the scope of script variables and houses declared at varied degrees in a script, and inheritance and delegation between script gadgets.

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It's", 2, true } As with the quotation marks in a string literal expression, the braces that enclose the list and the commas that separate its items are not part of the actual list value; they are notations that represent the grouping and items of the list. The list class is described fully in “List” (page 67). Properties 3 A property of a value class is a characteristic that is identified by a unique label and has a single value. The “Properties” section of a value class definition describes the property or properties of the class.

Run the following script and then display the result in the Script Editor’s result window. ) set myName to "Mark" get myName The result window shows that the value in myName is "Mark", the value you stored with the Set command. You can change the value of a variable by assigning it a new value. A variable can hold only one value at a time. When you assign a new value to an existing variable, you lose the old value. For example, the result of the Get command in the following script is "Robin". set myName to "Mark" set myName to "Robin" get myName AppleScript does not distinguish uppercase letters from lowercase variables in variable names; the variables myName, myname, and MYNAME all represent the same value.

Unlike application objects, script objects are defined in scripts. Script objects are an advanced feature of AppleScript. They allow you to use object-oriented programming techniques to define new objects and commands. Information contained in script objects can be saved and used by other scripts. ” You should be familiar with the concepts in the rest of this guide before attempting to use script objects. Script Objects 5/5/99  Apple Computer, Inc. 39 C H A P T E R 2 Overview of AppleScript Scripting Additions 2 Scripting additions are files that provide additional commands or coercions you can use in scripts.

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