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To one side of the concrete area, a private flyer resumed his walk toward his sports machine. Graham beat him to it. "Quick! " The flyer regarded him with preoccupied air. "Silver City," repeated Graham, urgently. His powerful fingers gripped the other's shoulder, shook it to emphasize his words. " Graham roared, looking dangerous, "d'you want to argue at a time like this? You can take me - or have your machine confiscated. " The note of authority in his voice had its effect. The flier came to life, said hastily, "Yes, sure!

There was a hint of mesmerism in their deliberate, calculating and penetrating stare, something overpowering in their weird glow. " queried Graham, still fascinated by those uncanny orbs. "Light attracts nocturnal creatures," replied Beach evasively. " He studied his visitor. " "The editor of the local sheet in Boise knew that you'd been spending a lot of time in this place. " Beach sighed. "I suppose a horde of snoopers is inevitable after what has happened. Oh, well -" He ushered Graham into a small, book-lined room, gave him a chair.

In view of what has gone before, I feel mighty suspicious. Unless he is one of the few survivors, Beach is now the twentieth on the list exactly as you feared. He is a mouth closed before you could reach him precisely as all the others were closed. " Colonel Leamington's voice trailed off, then came back strongly. " Graham hesitated before replying. He knew that he was as far from the truth as he'd been at the start, but he could not force aside the strange, uncanny feeling that had obsessed him since the death of Mayo.

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