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By Alexander G. Karczmar (auth.), Alexander G. Karczmar, Kyozo Koketsu, Syogoro Nishi (eds.)

In the early Sixties, Dr. Alexander G. Karczmar, Professor of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics on the Stritch tuition of drugs of the scientific middle at Loyola college of Chicago, was once faced with a undeniable technical challenge touching on his stories of synaptic transmission by way of microelectrode tools. He notion that the matter may be resolved if he may possibly curiosity a microelectrode professional similar to Dr. Kyozo Koketsu in his stories. Dr. Koketsu was once a earlier member of the school of the Kurume college tuition of drugs who as a study Fellow on the Australian nationwide college had helped Sir John Eccles, subse­ quently a Nobel Prize winner, in constructing microelectrode systems. After additional contemplating the problem, Dr. Karczmar used to be pleasantly sur­ prised to find that by means of twist of fate Dr. Koketsu used to be his neighbor, serving at the moment as a learn Professor on the Neuropsychiatry Institute of the college of Illinois, university of medication of Chicago. This used to be the start of a protracted courting, as Dr. Koketsu joined Dr. Karczmar at Loyola as Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Director of the Neurophysiology Laboratory on the Stritch institution of drugs. It used to be no longer lengthy prior to Dr. Syogoro Nishi-Dr. Koketsu's former colleague at the college of medication at Kurume collage, and at the moment a learn Fellow in Neurophysiology on the Rockefeller Institute in ny­ joined Drs. Koketsu and Karczmar at Loyola. even if in due time Drs.

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