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By Louis Armand

"The query on the middle of those 16 essays--alternately theoretically challenging, impishly elusive, stylistically impacted, and absolutely absorbing--is this: what, within the context of latest politico-aesthetic practices, is the avant-garde, and the way, if in any respect, can a few model of it survive in an historic second while ... every little thing is authorized, as a result not anything is any further possible?" --American e-book Review

Avant-Post engages the query of even if avant-garde perform continues to be manageable lower than the present stipulations of an entire sequence of "post-" ideologies, from Post-Modernism and Post-Structuralism, to Post-Historicism, Post-Humanism and Post-Ideology itself.

Contributors: Johanna Drucker, Michael S. Begnal, Lisa Jarnot, Ann Vickery, Christian Bök, Robert Archambeau, Mairead Byrne, R.M. Berry, Trey Strecker, Keston Sutherland, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Robert Sheppard, Bonita Rhoads, Vadim Erent, Laurent Milesi, Esther Milne.

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