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They took up the place the intercourse manuals go away off! (One of the earliest books ever to eroticize an IVF clinic.)

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And yet we put up with you. At least for now. And you owe us thanks, because you know we could have killed you, but instead we keep you around, feeding you, housing you. " Jane closed her eyes. She wanted to drop her arms, which were so tired, as she held them up behind her head, fingers locked to keep them from falling. She wanted to crawl back to her cage and curl up, losing herself in sleep. Lately she no longer thought in broader terms about escape. Just to get through this ordeal and be left alone.

The problem with getting the food was that her body was eventually forced to expel the waste. She was used to peeing in the drain now, and barely thought about it as she squatted over it and did her business as efficiently as possible, using a small strip of paper from the neat pile she had prepared. But now Jane had to move her bowels. For the first week she had been too terrified and had had so little to eat that she hadn't had to face this issue. Constipation born of clenched bowels and little food had so far spared Jane the embarrassment of being forced to defecate on newspaper on the floor.

Her main preoccupation was with avoiding pain and getting food. Just like an animal. A part of her whispered, wake up, Jane. You're losing yourself; they're winning! But she was too tired, or too afraid, usually, to listen. She would think about it later. Today she was dressed up like a cheap streetwalker. Black stockings and garters, high stiletto heels that she had trouble balancing in, black leather garters and a black bra that was too big on her. Brenda had cut out small circles in the center so Jane's nipples were visible.

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