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Education lower than the darkish Elf Naitachal, Prince Alaire is shipped on a diplomatic venture to find why a once-peaceful neighboring nation, whose ruler has banned using magic, is getting ready to visit warfare. Reprint.

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When Alaire finally noticed this, he thought the boy was looking for a place to sit. Then he saw he was looking for something else entirely. " a large, drunk man roared, from the nearest table. "This here be the adult's bar! The nursery, it be down the street. " An odd silence fell over the tavern, with the exception of the harpist, who continued playing— Though Alaire clearly saw the harpists muscles tense, and his legs brace for a quick escape. Alaire's hand crept close to the hilt of his blade.

Well, Alaire," Kai said, slapping his shoulder. " Well... why not? "Sure, Kai," Alaire said, cautiously. " "Oh, you'll do nothing of the sort," Kai said, good-naturedly. "You'll get us both into trouble and someone will probably stop us. " That didn't exactly sound like a good idea. "Well... " But he had protested too late. "Come on," Kai said joyfully, grabbing Alaire by the wrist. " Reluctantly, Alaire let the boy lead him away. He had both bad and good feelings about this. Good, because he knew he would learn something about this bizarre kingdom.

If it is convenient, could we put him in an adjoining room? " What? "Certainly, certainly," the King said. " As they filed out of the royal chambers, Alaire thought, indignantly, hoping that Naitachal would somehow hear the thoughts—On the floor? Really! Master, we are going to have a little talk very soon! Chapter IV Alaire was glad to find a comfortable, if lumpy, goose-feather bed tucked away in a corner of his room, which turned out to be the antechamber to Naitachal's quarters. The walls were the ubiquitous stone; the floors, as they seemed to be everywhere in the palace, were reddish-gold planks of a wood he couldn't identify.

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