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It's uncomplicated: you must understand how to paintings with the bash shell which will get to the center of Mac OS X, Linux, and different Unix platforms. up-to-date for the latest model of bash, this concise little publication places the entire crucial information regarding bash at your fingertips. You'll fast locate solutions to tense questions that often arise while you're writing shell scripts -- What characters do you want to cite? How do you get variable substitution to do just what you will want? How do you employ arrays? -- and masses extra.

If you're a person or programmer of any Unix variation, or if you're utilizing bash on home windows, you'll locate this pocket reference vital. This ebook covers:
* Invoking the Shell
* Syntax
* features
* Variables
* mathematics Expressions
* Command background
* Programmable of completion
* task keep an eye on
* Shell recommendations
* Command Execution
* Coprocesses
* limited Shells
* integrated instructions

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Examples let "count=0" "i = i + 1" let "num % 2" (( percent >= 0 && \ percent <= 100 )) Assign values to i and count Exit successfully if num is even Test the range of a value See the entry for let on page 85 for more information and examples. Command History The shell lets you display or modify previous commands. Using the history command, you can manage the list of commands kept in the shell’s history; see history on page 81 for more Command History | 37 information. This section focuses on the facilities for editing stored commands.

B#n Interpret integer n in numeric base B. For example, 8#100 specifies the octal equivalent of decimal 64. Operators The shell uses arithmetic operators from the C programming language, in decreasing order of precedence. Operator Description ++ -- Auto-increment and auto-decrement, both prefix and postfix + - Unary plus and minus ! : Inline conditional evaluation = += -= *= /= %= <<= >>= Assignment &= ^= |= Sequential expression evaluation , a The ** operator is right-associative. 1, it was leftassociative.

Then use bg or fg. ) Shell Options Bash provides a number of shell options, settings that you can change to modify the shell’s behavior. You control these options with the shopt command (see the entry for shopt on page 98). The following descriptions describe the behavior when set. Options marked with a dagger (†) are enabled by default: autocd When the first word of a simple command cannot be executed, try to cd to it. cdable_vars Treat a nondirectory argument to cd as a variable whose value is the directory to go to.

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