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By Constantin Noica. Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth.

Below the name turning into inside Being, Constantin Noica, certainly one of Romanias best philosophers, brings jointly essays, one relationship from round 1950, the opposite from 1980. the 2 works have in universal the belief of turning into inside of Being, first because it effects from the historical past of philosophy, secondly as an try to reconstruct the technological know-how of Being, ontology.This publication is released as a part of the undertaking of selling the Romanian Philosophy, a undertaking carried out by way of the Romanian Society for Phenomenology with the help of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Life-for-Life Volvo Romania beginning.

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Neither Plato nor Hegel possesses such a thing. In ancient philosophy, it was not until Aristotle that there began to be a distinction in philosophical disciplines; that is, not until the philosopher in whom – even if he still depends on a great tradition – can be found the principles of the future decline: system as teaching, and the history of philosophy 34 noica 3 becoming within being as doxography, or collections of opinions. The split into disciplines is, however, fully characteristic of the Nineteenth Century, the nonphilosophical century par excellence, the century of Victor Cousin.

In fact, however, in the light of the circle that we discovered in the act of knowing, it seems to us that it is not a question of the knowledge of knowledge but of the contemplation of knowledge. If the spirit, which as a rule refers to something else and is transitive, must now double back upon itself, then it tends towards a consciousness of self that would not be a consciousness of what it in itself does, produces, becomes, as much as of what it is. The knowledge of knowledge can therefore only be contemplation of self.

We may thus go on to the third group of judgements and categories, that of relation. This time, the table is: Judgements Categories Categorical Of inherence & subsistence Becoming within Being (substantia et accidens) Hypothetical Of causality and dependence Becoming (cause and effect) Disjunctive Of community--(reciprocity between the agent and patient) For the first two Kantian terms, the match with our terms is, on this occasion, obvious. Becoming within Being may very well be understood as inherence.

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