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By Prof. Dr. Giovanni Costa (auth.)

After a short survey of biotopic and vegetational beneficial properties and an account of the most teams of wasteland animals, the main strange styles of the behaviour of the xerophilous fauna are tested. the significance of the thermohygric rules and self-protective and locomotor mechanisms to the survival of arid-adapted animals is emphasised and numerous diversifications within the alimentary, reproductive and social spheres are analyzed.
The transparent and fluent therapy will wake up the curiosity of the analyzing public, from the novice naturalists to investigate scientists.

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Some desert tardigrades are cosmopolitan, but the Saharan Hexapodibius bindae appears to be endemic (Pilato 1982). 8 Arachnids These chelicerate arthropods are widely distributed in the deserts of the world. However, some orders are absent from certain arid environments: only mites occur in the polar deserts, uropygids are absent from the arid areas of Africa and Australia, while solifugids are not found in the Australian deserts. Notwithstanding these exceptions, the arachnids, predominantly predatory animals, represent a peculiar component of arid ecosystems.

The Eskimos inhabit Greenland, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Canada and Siberia. Bushmen (or San) Main Animal Groups 47 and Hottentots (or Khoikhoi), once widespread in most parts of Africa, are today confined to Botswana, Namibia and the Kalahari; the principal Saharan peoples are the Tubu (or rock people), the Tuareg and the Moors. The Pintupi and the Warlpiri are typical desert Australoids; the Yaghanes, Alacalufes and Onas are virtually extinct human tribes of Tierra del Fuego. 4 Thermohygric Regulation The main problem to be solved by desert animals is thermohygric regulation.

Peciosa lives at high altitudes and is a cold-adapted animal and the Japanese macaque Macaca Juscata is confined to the cold island of Honshu. Some macaques, whose habitat can include ocean beaches, are formidable predators of crabs and bivalves. As a result of his very high adaptability and mobility, greatly increased by an extraordinary cultural evolution, Man (Homo sapiens) has succeeded in colonizing the entire world except Antarctica. He can also survive on the Arctic ice and in other cold desert territories.

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