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Каталог велосипедов фирмы BMW за 1998 год. Даны технические характеристики, варианты транспортировки и описание функционального назначения каждого велосипеда под определенные условия езды на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке.

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The options for the year can be made visible by scrolling. Below this box are the policy variables that can be chosen in the EXPEDITE meta-model for passenger transport. 3). g. ‘intermodality’), whereas the list in the meta -model tool refers to the model variables: the variables to which the model is sensitive. 3). The list of policy variables does not contain all simulations that can be done with the tool. Some other simulations (changing the population distribution, changing car ownership) can also be done, but this requires access to the program code.

The results is transformed to probabilities (by exponentiation). The resulting probability matrices for the base with the policy bundle 1&2 are below. Table 16. 413333 1 Table 17. 025 1 Using the original (hypothetical) number of tours per person per year from the national model runs (725 for the car-owning segment and 520 for the non-car owning segment, see Table 1 and 2), these probabilities can be converted to numbers of tours per person per year. After subtracting the original levels matrices, we obtain the change matrices for policy 1&2: 16 Table 18.

It is also possible to make a table with more than three (row, column, tabs) dimensions, by selecting more variables on the rows and/or columns. In the window for the selection of variables for the table, the row or column dimension that will appear first in the new table (utmost left or on top) will be listed first. If the user wants to change the order of say the row variables, he/she has to click on the variable name and then use the arrows at the top bar of the window to move the variable up or down.

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