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Sport im Fernsehen: Eine Analyse der Kundenpraferenzen fur mediale Dienstleistungen

Guido Schafmeister analysiert die Kundenpräferenzen für verschiedene Arten von Sportübertragungen und entwickelt ein theoriebasiertes Nachfragemodell für Sportsendungen. Die Arbeit bietet einen Einblick in die Präferenzstruktur von TV-Zuschauern und zeigt einen möglichen Weg zur integrativen examine von Kundenpräferenzen und Motivationen auf.

No Way to Go: Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

City sprawl and sparse residing are pervasive in Australia. regardless of excessive degrees of vehicle possession, many Australians don't have entry to a personal motor vehicle for his or her trip wishes. those humans, usually from marginalised teams in society similar to teenagers, these on low earning, older humans, indigenous Australians and people with disabilities, face problems getting access to companies, amenities and actions.

Artifacts of Loss: Crafting Survival in Japanese American Concentration Camps

From 1942 to 1946, as the USA ready for warfare, 120,000 humans of jap descent have been forcibly interned in harsh barren region camps around the American west. In Artifacts of Loss, Jane E. Dusselier seems to be on the lives of those internees throughout the lens in their paintings. those camp-made creations integrated flora made with tissue paper and shells, wooden carvings of pets left at the back of, furnishings made up of discarded apple crates, gardens grown subsequent to their housing?

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Actors can, however, enhance the probabilities for coupling to occur, and this is precisely one of the underlying aims of strategic niche management. Our hypothesis is that a regime-shift requires three types of coupled developments: ◆ Processes of niche developments of novelties followed by increasing returns of adoption; ◆ Erosion of opportunities to make progress within the regime; and ◆ Emergence of new external challenge the problem solving external development can be breakthrough that allows for trends such as urbanization.

Examples include miniaturization in micro-electronics, the use of information technology in manufacturing and offices, the electrification of products and processes, the use of piston engines in post-war aviation, the production of electricity and motive power through the combustion of fossil fuels, and, on the consumer side, the use of automobiles for transport (about 80% of landbased passenger transport is done by car). Economists, historians and sociologists have studied these regularities in technological change and have proposed concepts to account for ordering and structuring of technology.

5 The regime of private car-based passenger transport is supplemented by a public transport regime of trains, buses, trams and metros, organized, controlled and operated by public transport companies. Public transport does not provide door-to-door transport services but uses fixed routes and schedules. In order to get to one’s destination one may need to change transport modes at fixed transport nodes. In relative terms, car owners decreasingly use public transport. Only in large cities is public transport sometimes used more often than private cars.

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