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By Ellen Hopkins

Raised in a spiritual -- but abusive -- relations, Pattyn Von Stratten begins asking questions -- approximately God, a woman's function, intercourse, love. She stories the 1st stirrings of ardour, but if her father catches her in a compromising place, occasions spiral uncontrolled. Pattyn is distributed to dwell with an aunt within the wilds of Nevada to discover salvation and redemption. What she reveals as a substitute is love and recognition -- until eventually she realizes that her previous demons won't allow her cross.

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Ask him about dreams, he pretends like he doesn't have them. Ask him about God . . I'm not sure he even believes God exists. Do I? Does Mom? Does Dad? I mean, really? I know his past haunts him. But ifhe truly believes he and God are brothers, meant to live together in the Great Beyond, can't he ask for a hand, a way to silence his ghosts, 41 without Johnnie WB? Or is his drinking sin enough to make his Heavenly Sibling turn His back? 42 The Next Day in Chemistry Lab Mr. Trotter partnered me with Tiffany Grant.

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