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Detail of raiment of Persian king Seventh century Eleventh century damask reproducing motif of Sasanian conveyed from and by way of the arid deserts, and it avoided at first and the more clement shores of the Mediterranean. The degree to which it affected the hinterland of Egypt can, however, the great cities be appreciated if a piece of Coptic sculpture compared with an is Egyptian or a Greek statue. 5. Iran and Iraq The lowland area of Mesopotamia, a only available building material, plain where brick flat may was the be considered together with western Persia, for both areas through a great part of their history had boasted a common It is not so culture and had been under the same rule.

QYr nnt^ manner the : ^hp Nativity HpI ow. In both scene s the figures are almost grotesque in their proportions: there elegance, no beauty; yet in spite of this, there vigour about the work, which attention of the beholder elegant fact, i and a forcibly than and _than pleasing at first art sieht^ which aims and if at no anH attracts the would many a more superficially attractive rendering of the scene. n the presence of an is rprt;^jn fnrrp the tale vividly, tells more is mnveyin p an necessary, as in We are, in iHp^ rathp r , modern art .

City stands on a promontory, at the very eastern extremity of Europe, and on the only direct sea route between Russia and the Black Sea to the north and Greece, Syria, rich Italy, and powerful area of the Mediterranean the west stretches a broad peninsula of low hills, Egypt, and all the to the south. To which present no very considerable barriers until the high mountains of Bulgaria are reached and even here the valley of the Maritsa offers a clear route ; some two hundred inland from the Mediterranean for days this is miles.

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