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By James F. Whitfield

This detailed e-book has an exhilarating tale to inform approximately Ca[2], the flexible grasp mobile Signaler whose effect reaches into all corners of the cellphone and controls phone proliferation, differentiation, mobile features too quite a few to checklist right here, or even mobilephone demise. The ebook starts approximately four billion years in the past with the emergence of lifestyles at the infant Earth. one of many nice turning issues within the heritage of existence in the world, the good Ca[2+]-Driven Eukaryotic Revolution, occurred approximately 2 billion years later whilst Ca[2+] was once switched over from a deadly killer that needed to be saved out of cells into the flexible Grand grasp of telephone signalers. It used to be this progressive conversion that enabled the improvement of eukaryotic cells from which got here animals with shells, inner and exterior skeletons, muscle tissue and brains, and, after all, the vegetation. The reader should be taken on a journey of tissues selected to top exhibit 3 (proliferator, differentiator, killer) of Ca[2+1]s many faces.

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