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In recent times there was development within the box of calixarene chemsitry. this article, a sequel to the 1989 book "Calixarenes" brings researchers brand new with present advancements during this more and more aggressive quarter. Spanning the interval 1989 to 1996, goods are totally referenced and there's additionally an intensive bibliography. protecting intensive the synthesis, characterization and homes, in addition to conformation, reactions and intricate formations of those baskets, this e-book is the main entire remedy of the topic to be had for researchers applying calixarenes of their paintings. It builds at the framework of the 1st quantity, and will be utilized by readers already acquainted with the sector. For people with a much less targeted heritage, it may be utilized in tandem with "Calixarenes" to supply an entire photo.

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N. J . Chem. ,Perkin Trans. 2 1996, 1127. 4 Calixarene-like Cyclooligomers Although cyclooligomers containing furan residues have been known almost as long as the c a l i ~ a r e n e s they , ~ ~ have commanded much less attention and have been the subject of only occasional research in recent years. By acid-catalyzed condensation of aldehydes or ketones (77)with f ~ r a orn with ~ ~linear ~ oligomers cyclic oligomers 79 with n = 4,5, and 6 have been prepared. For of furan (78),76b the formaldehyde-derived compounds, H,C(OMe), is the reagent of choice, leading to linear oligomers 78 (n = 1-6) of which only the linear tetramer can be Grannas, M.

J. J. Am. Chem. ; Furukawa, J. J. Am. Chem. 1974,98, 7414. (a) Healy, M. ; Rest, A. J. J. Chem. , Perkin Trans. 1 1985,973; (b) Musau, R . ; Whiting, A. J. Chem. ,Chem. Commun. 1993, 1029; (c) Musau, R. ; Whiting, A. J. Chein. , Perkin Trans. 1 1994,2881. 80d Calixarene-like compounds containing nitrogen bridgesgoband sulfur bridges"" in place of methylene bridges have recently come on the scene. 77 '' 79 'O Gale, P. ; Sessler, J. ; Lynch, V. J . Am. Chem. SOC. 1996, 118, 5140; see this journal article for earlier references to these compounds.

Mora, R. 1995,36,2311. 2) but can also lead to calixarenes under more strenuous conditions. For example, monohydroxymethyl phenols 26a, 26b, and 26c, prepared either by hydroxymethylation with formaldehyde and base or by reduction of the corresponding carboxylic acid, yield calixC4larenes 27a,,' 27b,,' and 27c41 in 2970, 5%, and 25% yield, respectively, when treated with TiCl,. Both hydroxymethylphenols 28a and 28b produce the same octamethylcalix[4]arene 29 in ca. ; Andreetti, G. D. J . Org.

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