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Not anyone blends sturdy technology with undesirable puns as brilliantly as Spider Robinson, as his legion of dedicated lovers will attest. Now from the writer of the Callahan sequence comes an unbelievable story of imminent doom, a highway journey, house, medicinal drugs, and rock 'n' roll.Callahan's KeyThe universe is in determined peril. the USA' personal security procedure, orbiting above an unknowing population, is extra weak than its creators can have estimated. Now, bombarded through a freakish cluster of common phenomena, the last word defense has turn into an ideal doomsday computer. Its objective: not only the united states, not only Earth, however the whole universe. And just one guy can cease the devastation this unholy weapon will wreak.Unfortunately, he isn't available.So the task falls in its place to bar proprietor Jake Stonebender. And his spouse, Zoey, and superintelligent child, Erin. let alone dozen busloads of ex-hippies and freaks, Robert Heinlein's wandering cat, a whorehouse parrot, and misunderstood genius-inventor Nikola Tesla, who's in reality alive and well.It'll take a stream to Key West, an test in mass telepathy, and thousands of gallons of Irish espresso to save lots of everything-as-we-know-it from annihilation. yet it is not anything Jake Stonebender hasn't performed before....Callahan's secret is the tale of a bunch of humans-more or less-who band jointly in a cosmic adventure-more or less-to make the universe secure for...well, most likely extra of an identical.

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