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By David A. Adler

The Cam Jansen books are ideal for younger readers who're making the transition to bankruptcy books, and Cam is a spunky younger heroine whom readers have enjoyed for over twenty years. Now the 1st ten books within the sequence have up-to-date covers that convey new lifestyles to those perennial best-sellers. outdated lovers and new readers will love Cam's cool, sleek glance!

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Its mouth was open and its hands were stretched out as if it were ready to grab something to eat. “Look at those teeth,” someone in the class said. “And look at that tail. ” “This is the skeleton of a Coelophysis,” the guide said. “Seel-o-fy-sis,” she said again slowly. ” “I do,” Cam said. Everyone turned to look at Cam. They were surprised that she knew about the Coelophysis. Ms. Benson had never mentioned it when she taught the class about dinosaurs. Cam had read about the Coelophysis. She wanted to remember exactly what the book said.

Then it was quiet. “We did it,” Cam said. It was quiet for a while. But soon Cam and Eric heard footsteps. A man was walking from one case to the next. He stopped at Cam and Eric’s case. Then he bent down and looked straight at Cam and Eric. Chapter Five It was one of the museum guards. “Come with me,” he said. The guard led them out of the dinosaur room, through the museum lobby, to the office of the museum director. The guard knocked on the door and walked in. Cam and Eric followed him. The walls of the office were covered with paintings of prehistoric animals.

Chapter Eight Cam and Eric crawled under the table and ran out of the garage. A big brown dog and two smaller dogs ran past them toward the garage. Cam and Eric ran around the milk truck to the bicycles. Eric tried to open the lock. He turned the dial a few times. ” Cam said. ” Cam closed her eyes. ” Then she thought for a moment. Inside the house there was a noise. Someone was coming out. “It’s four, eighteen, thirty-six,” Cam said. Eric turned the knob. The lock opened. Cam and Eric got on their bicycles just as the Milkman ran out of the house.

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