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By Sally Grindley

Whatever yet a parrot! Captain Pepper wishes a puppy. He desires to be different...he desires to be a run of the mill previous parrot simply will not do. The fiery captain units his pirate group to discover the appropriate puppy. they struggle a hippopotamus, a monkey and a leopard - each one with hilariously disastrous effects. eventually, they alight upon a python and Captain Pepper is overjoyed! however the final chuckle is on him while his now not so cuddly significant other has him for dinner! finally his browbeaten team can sail domestic in peace. the fitting mix of enjoyable, identifiable characters and robust storyline, with a motley team of pets and pirates, make this rumbustious piratical story excellent for newbie readers.

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The only moment-by-moment visual differences in the lives of most of us are the changing characters on a computer screen, and we don’t see those as visual at all: we see straight through them to the abstractions they represent. No wonder our poor starved brains will drink down any change they can get – even if it’s the flashing of Simon Cowell’s dentistry. Take any of us for the mildest of country walks, and we’re immediately in thrilling – but exhausting – sensory overload. We’re bombarded with change.

The Victorians wanted white otters, and so they got them. We all tend to get the otters we want. They are tools, in a way that few other species are. Henry Williamson (Tarka the Otter) figuratively mashed up his otters and used the paste to paint north Devon and to smear as balm on the wounds, real and imaginary, left by the trenches. Gavin Maxwell (Ring of Bright Water) wanted, and therefore got, rollicking, boisterous otter friends who wouldn’t ask him too much about himself and could be cuddled on lonely Hebridean nights.

And even we smelt something: the citrusy piss of the voles in their runs within the grass; the distantly marine tang of a slug trail, like a winter rock pool; the crushed laurel of a frog; the dustiness of a toad; the sharp musk of a weasel; the blunter musk of an otter; and the fox, whose smell is red to the least synaesthetic man alive. But most of all we had what we clumsily called the earth: leaves and dung and corpses and houses and rain and eggs and horrors. We got these things usually as single words; occasionally as short sentences.

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