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By C. S. Pacat

“This was once Vere’s strongest lords unfurling their banners for war.”

With their nations on the point of conflict, Damen and his new grasp Prince Laurent needs to trade the intrigues of the palace for the sweeping may of the battlefield as they trip to the border to ward off a deadly plot.

Forced to conceal his identification, Damen unearths himself interested in the harmful, charismatic Laurent. yet because the fledgeling belief among the 2 males deepens, the reality of secrets and techniques from either their pasts is poised to deal them the crowning dying blow...

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Before, deliberately, continuing. The stableboy, seeing Damen, reacted differently, squirming. ‘Stop,’ said the stableboy. ‘Stop. Not with someone watching—’ ‘Calm down. ’ Govart jerked the stableboy’s head back for emphasis. ’ ‘He can wait,’ said Govart. ‘No. ’ ‘He wants me to pull out on his order? ’ Govart bared his teeth in a grin. ’ Damen felt anger settle inside him, a tangible weight. He recognised an echo of the impotence Aimeric must have experienced in the armoury, except that he was not a green nineteen year old who had never seen a fight.

And Aimeric. Aimeric staggered backwards and hit the wall, sliding halfway down its length as he opened and closed his eyes with stupefied blinks. Blood poured from his nose. The three men had seen Damen. ‘That’s shut him up,’ said Damen, equitably. ’ It wasn’t Damen’s size that stopped them. It wasn’t the sword he held casually in his hand. If these men really wanted to make a fight out of it, there were enough swords, flingable armour pieces, and teetering shelves to turn this into something long and ludicrous.

The Prince has been waiting for him at the barracks. Actually . . ’ ‘From the stables,’ said Damen. He stared at Jord in disbelief. ‘Better you than me,’ said Jord. ‘Look for him down the back. ’ It was a long walk across two courtyards from the barracks to the stables. Damen hoped that Govart would be finished by the time he arrived, but of course he wasn’t. The stables contained all the quiet sounds of horses at night, but even so Damen heard it before he saw it: the soft rhythmic sounds coming, as Jord had accurately predicted, from the back.

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