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By Michael J. Hook

This newly up-to-date (1999) CASTI guidebook is full of sensible examples, used to provide an explanation for ASME IX code principles in order that code clients can stroll their manner via welding method qualification standards. It additionally comprises the finer info of welding technique standards to supply readability, even to the skilled code consumer. This guidebook is going some distance past the literary phrases of the code via explaining particular code paragraphs and comparable ASME code interpretations, the place even an in depth learn of the code by itself won't produce a transparent end. it's written via the longest serving ASME part IX code committee member.

This Guidebook covers the 1998 version of ASME IX.

The guidebook comes in print and as an Acrobat PDF booklet on CD-ROM that's totally searchable, hypertext associated, with every one web page printable.

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1, φ Groove Design. Do not attempt to comprehend the details of a variable from the description noted in the “Brief of Variables” column. ” Errors are made when the Code user implements a variable based upon the “Brief of Variables” description. 1 ... 4 - Backing ... 10 ... 11 ... 2 will be used to demonstrate how variables can be addressed on a WPS. 2 represents the QW-402 Joints group of variables for the SMAW process. 2 contains only essential and nonessential variables. The supplementary essential variables column has been removed.

2(b) Partial penetration welds Tb & td. 2(c) Fillet welds. 3 Weld repair and buildup. 3(a) Fillet weld exemptions. 3(b) Exemptions for test coupons Tc 1¹⁄₂ in. thick and thicker. 4 Dissimilar base metal thicknesses. 4(a) Thinner member must be within QW-451. 4(b)(1) Exemptions for test coupons Tc ¹⁄₄ in. thick and thicker. 4(b)(2) Exemptions for test coupons Tc 1¹⁄₂ in. thick and thicker. 7 Base metal Tb for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, & SAW. Base metal Tb for test coupons Tc 1¹⁄₂ inch (38 mm) thick and thicker.

It is not permissible to have the welding of the test coupons performed by another organization. Reference QW-201. CASTI Guidebook to ASME Section IX - Welding Qualifications - Third Edition 138 Testing Requirements for Procedure Qualification Chapter 8 It is permissible to subcontract the work of preparing the test coupons for welding and subsequent work of preparing test specimens from the completed weldment, nondestructive examination, and mechanical testing, provided the Code user accepts the responsibility.

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