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By R. W. Stephenson

Excerpt from the approval letter to the writer from the developer of chiropractic, B. J. Palmer: "..Of all of the books written and compiled on Chiropractic Philosopy, this can be by way of a ways the easiest, now not excepting my very own. the only nice, grand and wonderful factor you may have performed has been to collect the numerous rules that are in my writings, right into a systematic, prepared demeanour, construction them up from uncomplicated to the better varieties, in order that any layman vulnerable might examine and discover what CHIROPRACTIC IS, isn't really; WHAT IT DOES AND doesn't; HOW AND WHY IT DOES WHAT IT DOES. you will have basically, conscientiously and always compiled the various rules of Chiropractic right into a readable, comprehensible ebook, basic enuf for the layman, deep enuf for the savant..."

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Webster) There are other interesting definitions of life which it would be well to read in Webster’s International Dictionary, for purposes of comparison. ” According to that, then, to the physicist the signs of life mean nothing more than, signs of life; but to the chiropractor, they are signs of the attention of a localized intelligence. (Prin. 18, 19, 203 With these Chiropractic principles in mind, let us examine the Five Signs of Life.

Prin. 23, 27, 28) The function of the nervous system is to transmit mental force to and from the tissue cell; or rather from brain cell to tissue cell and back again. ” A like question about electricity would be just as pertinent. Why does electricity prefer to travel through or over wires when it can travel in the radiant form ? Yet a metal wire will gather to itself radiant electricity and change it to dynamic or flowing form. If this were not true, it would be possible to have radio sets in our homes.

1. What is a principle of a science? 2. What is a fundamental principle ? 3. What are derived principles and what is their purpose? 4. How many principles has Chiropractic? 5. What is a fundamental principle of Chiropractic? 6. Could matter exist without the attention of Universal Intelligence ? 7. Is the broad, general meaning of the term life confined to animals and plants in Chiropractic ? 8. If one looks for it, what may he always perceive matter manifesting besides mere motion ? 9. What very important combination of three elements is the basic of Chiropractic tenets ?

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