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By Andrew Weil, Winifred Rosen

This definitive resource e-book on psychoactive medications . . . presents trouble-free discussions of every substance's nature, the way it is probably going to impact the physique, and what precautions are essential to restrict any capability for damage. commonly illustrated with photos and line drawings.

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This quantity is meant for clinicians, researchers, citizens, and scholars. the variety is vast and the intensity enormous for all of the subject matters coated within the therapy of this well timed and suitable topic. This ebook may perhaps serve both good as a common advent and a scholarly reference. finally, it really is designed to serve these sufferers struggling with abuse of and habit to medications and alcohol.

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People who have high tolerance for pain may pro­ duce more of these endogenous narcotics. When you wake up one day feeling high and unfazed by the problems that ordinar­ ily get you down, your endorphin system might be in high gear. Some people may be born with an inability to make enough endorphins; possibly, they are the ones who find opiates espe­ cially pleasant and come to rely on them to cope with the pain and stress of day-to-day existence. The discovery of endorphins also raises interesting ques­ tions.

We prefer the Latin form. ) Chocolate to Morphine (Reprinted from the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado) 38 feel energetic and able to concentrate well in the morning but to become tired and mentally sluggish in the late afternoon. One reason that stimulant drugs are popular is that they give temporary control over rhythms of wakefulness and the ups and downs of mood. , when your brain wants to rest, you can mobilize it to concen­ trate by taking a stimulant drug and thereby forcing your ner­ vous system to release some of its stored-up chemical energy.

Semisynthetic Drugs Pharmacologists often take refined natural drugs and change their chemical structures to vary their properties. A very simple change is to combine an insoluble drug from a plant with an acid to make a water-soluble salt. In this way the "freebase” form of cocaine, which is usually smoked because it will not dissolve, is turned into cocaine hydrochloride, a water-soluble compound that can be inhaled or injected. A slightly more complicated transformation is the addi­ tion of chemical groups to a natural drug molecule to make it stronger.

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