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2. Gather information. Check with family, friends, teachers, and guidance counselors to see if they can help you. If your best friend’s mom says, “Oh, my brother-in-law owns a sporting-goods store. ” say yes if this is something you’d like. You’d be surprised how many people get jobs because they know someone who needs help. 3. Read the Help Wanted section of the newspaper every day, and look on the Internet for job advertisements and information about job hunting. Answer every ad that looks promising.

I’d save some money, and then I’d go rock climbing or kayaking or skiing. ” But after six months, Michael knew he was just being irresponsible, and at his parents’ insistence, he came back home. ” Time out to work on an organic farm Pedro Magallanes Talamas is from Chihuahua, Mexico. He’d already finished two years of college, majoring in electrical engineering, when he decided to take time out to work on an experimental farm in Rutland, Massachusetts. Overlook Farm is part of an organization known as the Heifer Project International, a Â�nonprofit organization that fights hunger in impoverished areas by providing livestock and training to small-scale farmers.

School was fun. ” Sometimes the job that sounds great doesn’t work out at all. The reasons may seem mysterious and frightening. As a first-time employee, you may not understand what’s expected of you on the job, or you may find that you haven’t thought through what you really want from your time out. Sometimes you and your employer simply won’t get along, or perhaps there won’t be enough work for you to do. Problems may arise in the workplace, in your living situation, in how you use your free time, or in how you handle your money.

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