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Chapter 1 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 1–4): D. S. Parsons
Chapter 2 advent (pages 6–14): D. M. Matthews
Chapter three Amino Acid and Peptide Absorption in guy (pages 15–29): D. B. A. Silk
Chapter four Intestinal Dipeptidases and Dipeptide delivery within the Monkey and in guy (pages 37–61): A. N. Radhakrishnan
Chapter five Dipeptide shipping within the Intestinal Mucosa of constructing Rabbits (pages 61–78): A. Rubino and S. Guandalini
Chapter 6 Mechanisms of Peptide delivery (pages 79–108): D. Burston, T. C. Marrs, M. H. Sleisenger, T. Sopanen and D. M. Matthews
Chapter 7 A Brush?Border?Bound Peptidase and Amino Acid delivery (pages 109–121): Hans Wacker and Giorgio Semenza
Chapter eight at the functionality of the ??Glutamyl Cycle within the shipping of Amino Acids and Peptides (pages 123–150): Alton Meister, Suresh S. Tate and Gregory A. Thompson
Chapter nine Intestinal Mucosal Hydrolysis of Proteins and Peptides (pages 151–171): younger S. Kim
Chapter 10 Intracellular Hydrolysis of Peptides (pages 177–198): Ove Noren, Hans Sjostrom, Birte Svensson, Lars Jeppesen, Michael Staun and Lars Josefsson
Chapter eleven Intracellular Hydrolysis of Peptides (pages 199–208): Lars Josefsson, Hans Sjostrom and Ove Noren
Chapter 12 Endopeptidases within the Brush Border of the Kidney Proximal Tubule (pages 209–220): A. John Kenny
Chapter thirteen Membrane and Intracellular Hydrolysis of Peptides: Differentiation, position and Interrelations with shipping (pages 221–244): A. M. Ugolev, N. M. Timofeeva, L. F. Smirnova, P. De Laey, A. A. Gruzdkov, N. N. Iezuitova, N. M. Mityushova, G. M. Roshchina, E. G. Gurman, V. M. Gusev, V. A. Tsvetkova and G. G. Shcherbakov
Chapter 14 Intestinal Hydrolysis of Disaccharides and Peptides: comparability of Hydrolases and Perfusion reports (pages 245–264): J. B. Rhodes, C. Arvanitakis and J. Folscroft
Chapter 15 Clearance of Dipeptides from Plasma: position of Kidney and gut (pages 265–286): Siamak A. Adibi
Chapter sixteen Peptiduria within the Fanconi Syndrome (pages 287–303): A. M. Asatoor, M. D. Milne and J. M. Walshe
Chapter 17 shipping and Hydrolysis of Peptides via Microorganisms (pages 305–334): J. W. Payne
Chapter 18 Peptidases in Germinating Barley Grain: homes, Localization and attainable services (pages 334–352): T?M. Enari and J. Mikola
Chapter 19 ultimate dialogue (pages 353–372):
Chapter 20 last feedback (pages 373–376): D. S. Parsons

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These meals were administered orally on separate occasions to six normal subjects who had been intubated with a triple lumen tube with sampling orifices at 120, 160, and 200 cm from the mouth of each subject. Plasma amino acid and a-NH, nitrogen increments, and the extent and site of intestinal absorption of amino acid residues, were compared after ingestion of the two meals. 05 ; Table 1). There was no significant difference in plasma increments at later times. Indeed the mean value for a-NH, increments at three hours was higher after the ingestion of the amino acid meal.

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