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By G.E.W. Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 tackle of Welcome (pages 1–3): Professor Lucio Severi
Chapter 2 Chairman's establishing comments (pages 4–5): A. Haddow
Chapter three Morphology of Oncogenic and Non?Oncogenic Mouse Viruses (pages 6–55): W. Bernhard and N. Granboulan
Chapter four organic Assay and Serial Passage of the Mouse Mammary Tumour Agent in Mammary Tumours from moms and Their Hybrid Progeny (pages 56–81): John J. Bittner
Chapter five pressure changes within the Mammary Tumour?Inducing Virus as Detected by means of the Characters and behavior of Neoplasms (pages 82–106): Francesco Squartini and Lucio Severi
Chapter 6 at the identity and Characterization of the Milk Agent (pages 107–137): Dan H. Moore
Chapter 7 Observations and concepts on Tumour Viruses (pages 138–158): J. Furth, ok. Yokoro and H. Takemoto
Chapter eight experiences on Pathogenic houses and common Transmission of a Mouse Leukaemia Virus (pages 159–175): Ludwik Gross
Chapter nine New Investigations at the buddy illness (pages 176–192): A. Chamorro, R. Latarjet, P. Vigier and F. Zajdela
Chapter 10 The prevalence and class of Spontaneous Malignant illnesses of the Haematopoietic approach in Swiss Mice (pages 193–213): Charlotte good friend, Violet Darchun, Etienne De Harven and Jamil Haddad
Chapter eleven the prospective function of a Subcellular Leukae?Mogenic Agent in Homologous Transplantation of Mouse Leukaemic Tissue, and the tried Passage of Such an Agent via Tissue Cultures (pages 214–232): M. H. Salaman, okay. E. okay. Rowson and J. J. Harvey
Chapter 12 Leukaemogenesis in AKR Mice (pages 233–261): Donald Metcalf
Chapter thirteen position of the Thymus in Virus?Induced Leukaemia (pages 262–283): J. F. A. P. Miller
Chapter 14 the method of Viral Carcinogenesis within the Hamster Kidney with the Polyoma Virus (pages 284–301): A. W. Ham, E. A. McCulloch, L. Siminovitch, A. F. Howatson and A. A. Axelrad
Chapter 15 Tumours in Polyoma?Virus?Immunized Mice (pages 302–313): Sarah E. Stewart
Chapter sixteen Mouse Polyoma Virus in a Rural Ecology (pages 314–331): R. J. Huebner, W. P. Rowe, J. W. Hartley and W. T. Lane
Chapter 17 The homes of Mill Hill Polyoma Virus (MHP) (pages 332–364): G. Negroni
Chapter 18 reports on Transformation by way of Polyoma Virus in vitro (pages 365–379): Michael Stoker
Chapter 19 The in vitro research of Malignancy prompted via Polyoma Virus (pages 380–394): Leo Sachs
Chapter 20 crew dialogue in precis of the Symposium and on clients for extra learn (pages 395–404):
Chapter 21 Chairman's remaining feedback (pages 418–419): A. Haddow

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