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By Todd Keene Timberlake, J. Wilson Mixon

This e-book courses undergraduate scholars within the use of Maxima―a desktop algebra system―in fixing difficulties in classical mechanics. It capabilities good as a complement to a standard classical mechanics textbook. in terms of difficulties which are too tricky to resolve by way of hand, computing device algebra platforms which can practice symbolic mathematical manipulations are a priceless software. Maxima is very appealing in that it really is open-source, multiple-platform software program that scholars can obtain and set up at no cost. classes realized and services built utilizing Maxima are simply transferred to different, proprietary software program.

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First we enter the equations, assigning each equation to a variable. 1 Statics 27 Now we use solve to solve the system of equations. Maxima always tries to give us an exact answer, so whenever possible it will convert decimal values into fractions and it will leave trig functions unevaluated rather than giving a decimal representation. In most cases we desire a decimal value, so we use float to have Maxima convert the result. (%i) sol:solve([eq1,eq2,eq3],[Fwx,Fwy,T]); 2058 cos. 736 / (%o) ŒŒFwx D ; Fwy D 98; T D 5 sin2058 5 sin.

Here D D 0:1 m, so b D 1:6 10 5 N s/m and c D 2:5 10 3 N s2 /m2 . v/, bv, and cv 2 against v over the range 0 < v < 0:001 m/s in order to compare the magnitudes of the linear and quadratic terms. Note the use of various options within the wxdraw2d command in the code below. 001 Fig. 3 Linear versus quadratic air resistance as a function of speed for a 10 cm sphere location of the key, as well as the x- and y-axis labels we have encountered before. For more details about these options consult the Maxima manual.

In the code below we apply rk to our example of a water drop fired from a water gun, but this time with quadratic resistance. Recall that the launch angle is 45ı and the initial speed is 15 m/s. The code below generates a numerical solution to the ODEs in Eq. 23 using the appropriate parameters and initial conditions. 1 s and find the solution from t D 0 to 3 s. 8$ vx0:float(v0*cos(theta))$ vy0:float(v0*sin(theta))$ 2 Some of the more sophisticated numerical ODE tools in Maxima, such as rkf45, use a variable step size.

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