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By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough maintains the story of Cleopatra's resurrection because the Queen of the Nile's DNA is mixed with modern-day hosts. during this compelling new mystery, forensic anthropologist Leda Hubbard and Egyptologist Gabriella Farouk-Cleopatra 7.1 and 7.2 respectively-face recriminations from the U.S. govt for unlawful DNA blendings--as good because the stable and sick results of enjoying host to an Egyptian Queen.

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Cleopatra asked as soon as they entered the library that evening. Gabriella had promised they would spend the night in study, as indeed she needed to do. The scrolls held priceless knowledge, and the longer they were left unattended, the more chance there was that they would be damaged and some portion of them lost forever. 'They're in the basement, waiting for us to translate them and prepare them for display," Gabriella told her. " "I believe so. Unless someone has moved it in my absence. It was supposed to be kept below until we could study the mummy's wrappings and the charms and amulets that might have been wrapped with them.

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