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This third edition of Colloquial Swedish has been revised and up-to-date to make studying Swedish more uncomplicated and extra relaxing than ever ahead of. particularly written through skilled academics for self-study or category use, this transparent, actual direction offers a step by step method of written and spoken Swedish. the best option in own language studying, this 3rd version gains: new texts and dialogues all through hyperlinks to web content approximately Sweden, its background, society and tradition transparent grammar notes and precis. No earlier wisdom of the language is needed, and by way of the top of this profitable direction scholars can be capable of speak with a bit of luck and successfully in Swedish in a wide diversity of daily events. Audio fabric recorded via local audio system is offered to purchase on CD or in MP3 layout to counterpoint the book. This will help you excellent your pronunciation, listening and talking talents.

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Colloquial Swedish

This third edition of Colloquial Swedish has been revised and up to date to make studying Swedish more uncomplicated and extra relaxing than ever prior to. especially written by way of skilled lecturers for self-study or category use, this transparent, exact direction offers a step by step method of written and spoken Swedish.

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KALLE: Varsågod. EXPEDIT: Tack så mycket. Vocabulary vilja vill ville velat want (to) ta/ -r tog take te -et tea ha/ -r hade haft have apelsinjuice orange juice kopp -en -ar cup javisst (yes) of course kaffe -t coffee kan jag få can I have bulle -n -ar bun kunna kan kunde kunnat can, be able nej no tack thanks, please kanelbulle -n -ar cinnamon bun vill ha want smörgås -en -ar sandwich tack please/thank you hungrig -t -a hungry blir (here) will be skinksmörgås -en -ar ham sandwich åttio eighty krona -n -or unit of currency (100 öre = 1 krona) tyvärr unfortunately slut all gone ostsmörgås -en -ar cheese sandwich varsågod here you are tack så mycket (pron.

Notes: 1 In statements and v-questions the verb comes second after either a subject or a non-subject. 2 In yes/no questions the verb comes first and is not preceded by a subject or non-subject. Exercise 5 Translate the following questions into Swedish: 1 Are they reading? 2 Do they live in Stockholm? 3 Do you understand? 4 What are they called? 5 Where are you staying? 6 What are you reading? 7 What are they doing? Page 43 8 Where does he come from? 9 Who is she? 10 When are they coming? 11 Are you speaking to Rebecca?

The indefinite article) with each noun. More clues will be provided later to help you predict gender. When the word ‘it’ (den/det) refers back to or replaces a noun, then it must agree in gender: Smörgåsen/Den är stor. The sandwich/It is big. Universitetet/Det är stort. The university/It is big. But if the gender is not known, or if the noun is already given in the sentence, then det is used irrespective of gender: Vem är det? Det är Rebecca. Who is it? It’s Rebecca. Vad är det? Det är en fiol.

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