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By P. Somasundaran and B. Markovic (Eds.)

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From the results above, we can conclude that CPAS is the best binder among all these C P A polymers, although it is inferior to MR110. (6). They found that at the optimum value of the magnetic properties, the amount of functional group was 4-6 mol% for O H group. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2004. 5 • CPA3 • CPAS • CPA8 • MR110 10' 10 J ••12 'ϊ·'. ch004 10" :,l, • Ih. 1 1 10 100 shear rate (1/s) Figure 2. Steady shear viscosity of magnetic inks in the first series (plotted together).

In addition to trapping a few particles, multiple particles can also be simultaneously trapped by using multiple laser beams or by using a single scanning laser beam as shown by M i o and Man* [15]. With this technique, one can directly manipulate ensembles of colloidal particles. Experiments Since the extent of the trapping force depends on the mismatch between the particles and solvent, index matching between colloid and solvent would minimize the van der Waals attraction but would not allow optical trapping.

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