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By Benjamin Grimm

For an individual who inspiration Satan's cameo in Rosemary's child was once all-too short, writer Benjamin Grimm has the reply. Demons and sorcerers abound, having came across the selected vessel to deliver the anti-Christ upon the earth. The younger sorcerer Merlin arrives to withstand. And whereas they're anticipating a call to be made that may make a decision the way forward for mankind, good, young ones of the underworld needs to occupy themselves somehow...

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On this side of the water, a miscellany of cushions and towels were arranged in an appealing tumble. Coloured glass bottles in a variety of shapes, containing a variety of oils, glimmered like jewels amid the cushions. The water was scented, milky, and decorated with slowly drowning rose petals. All the niceties. This could not be happening, Damen felt a surge in his chest; fury, outrage and somewhere buried beneath these a new emotion that twisted and roiled in his belly. One of the soldiers immobilised him in a practised hold from behind.

You would. ’ Flatly. She gazed at him. ’ They had last spoken in her rooms in the palace; her hand had pressed to his arm. She looked like a painting. Her curls were coiled and perfect, and her high smooth brow and classical features were composed. Where Adrastus had held back, her delicate sandals picked their way with calm and sure steps across the wet marble towards him. He said, ‘Why keep me alive? What—need—does this satisfy? It’s neat enough, except for that. Is it—’ He bit down on it; she deliberately misunderstood his words.

I hear the King of Akielos has sent me a gift,’ said the young man, who was Laurent, Prince of Vere. ‘An Akielon grovelling on its knees. How fitting,’ said Laurent. Around him, Damen was aware of the attention of courtiers, gathered to witness the Prince’s receipt of his slave. Laurent had stopped dead the moment he had seen Damen, his face turning white as though in reaction to a slap, or an insult. Damen’s view, halftruncated by the short chain at this neck, had been enough to see that. But Laurent’s expression had shuttered quickly.

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