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By Wolfgang Jöchle, Donald Ross Lamond (auth.)

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Repmd. , Suppl. 23,193-200,1975 (FSH). Nett, T. , D. W. Holtan & V. L. Estergreen : J. Reprod. , Suppl. 23, 201-206, 1975 (estrogen). Noden, P. , W. D. Oxender & H. D. Hafs: J. Reprod. , Suppl. 23, 189-192, 1975 (androstenedionel. Stabenfeldt, G. , J. P. Hughes, J. W. 1. Geschwind: J. Reprod. 23, 155-160, 1975 (LH, progesterone). Warszawsky, L. , W. G. Parker, N. L. First & O. J. Ginther: Am. J. Vet. Res. 33/1,19-26,1972 (follicle number). In domestic species with anovulatory cycles follicles grow under conditions similar to those portrayed above.

1.. , J. R. Clark, N. L. First, A. B. Chapman & L. E. Casida: J. Anim. Sei. 41, 835~841, 1975 (Iolli· 2001 Days cular dynamies). Ovulat ion t5 37 -5 FSH ng Iml LH ng/ml Total Estrogens pg/ml Androste nedione pg/ml Progesterone ng Iml Follicle numbers: 10-20mm .... 20-30mm > 30mm 01 5 10 15 20 0 1 100 80 60 40 20 14 10 6 2 50 40 30 20 400 300 200 100 8 6 4 2 6 5 4 3 2 1 (Nulation certainly differences between species in minor or even major details. During the cyclic corpus /uteum phase, wh ich in all species with an ovulatory cycle lasts uniformly 14 ± 2 days (with exception of the dog) FSH cycles go on and assure waves of follicle growth, which are evident by palpation and even plasma E, level elevations (see figures 10 and 13).

Cattle, buffalos, pigs and horses have a remarkable similar cycle length. That of sheep and goats is only a little shorter. 1. phase also are rather similar. The characteristics of the FSH and LH profiles are very concordant in ovine, bovin e and porcine. They are different in the equine. While FSH in the bovine and ovine follows a 4 (to 5) day rhythm, the one in the equine shows clearly 10 days intervals. In the mare, peak leve ls for the ovulatory LH surge occur hours, if not days, after ovulation.

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