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In this dispersed state, the release of the contents of the cortical granules into the perivitelline space cannot follow the activation of the oocyte and polyspermy may occur. It is clear that the cow’s oocyte is designed to be fertilized very soon after ovulation and there is likely to be little latitude in terms of its lifespan if sperm are not already in the reproductive tract at the time of follicle rupture. The fertilizationprocess in the cow Th e fertilization process starts when a bovine spermatozoon first attaches loosely and then binds tenaciously to receptors on the oocyte’s zona pellucida (see Fig.

Stress and the dairy cow Increasing knowledge in neuroendocrinology should eventually result in the identification of the hormonal mechanisms by which different forms of stress affect reproduction. Dairy herds might then be monitored in such a way as to avoid the development of potentially stressful conditions which could adversely influence their breeding efficiency. Th e period from breeding to attachment of the embryo, 3 weeks later, is regarded as the phase most susceptible to the effect of stressors.

1 9 9 2 ~ )the ; pregnancy rate per insemination was 35% for evaporative cooling and 23% for spray and fan cooling. In Taiwan, Lu et al. 1, Effect on the bull's semen quality Although heat stress apparently decreases pregnancy rates in cows by way of its effect on oocytes and embryos, the influence of high temperature on the male gamete should not be overlooked. Although the use of AI has largely removed the contribution of the bull to lowered fertility due to heat stress, clearly there is a possibility that heat stress may affect the function of sperm after they have been deposited in the reproductive tract of a cow; maternal hyperthermia may have an adverse effect.

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