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By Marty Essen

Cool Creatures, sizzling Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents follows Marty and Deb Essen on a three-and-a-half-year-long experience to a couple of the wildest areas on all seven continents.

The American couple begun crisscrossing the globe with the easy goal of looking for infrequent and engaging natural world. whilst their travels coincided with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the extra aspect made them unwitting ambassadors for peace. Their experiences--from a laugh to existence threatening--changed their lives forever.

This isn't your regular travelogue. Marty Essen has written a ebook that entertains, informs, and poignantly reminds us that all of us percentage a small planet.

Locations visited comprise: Belize, Peru (the Amazon Rainforest), Argentina, Australia (Queensland), Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territories), Antarctica, Europe (Spain, France, Switzerland, and Andorra), Malaysia (Borneo), and Africa (Zimbabwe).

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