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By Wilfried M.A. Niessen

A suite of information at the basic rules, instrumentation of gasoline chromatography and mass spectrometry, and commercial, medical, toxicological, environmental, forensic, pharmaceutical, and food-related purposes, from forty scientists from around the globe utilizing GC-MS in perform.

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5. Multidimensional Detection Approaches Although GC–MS is a powerful tool in solving many analytical problems, it is not the general solution to all problems. For several applications, the use of multidetection systems can be extremely useful. , Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) or atomic emission detection (AED). The on-line combination of GC with FT-IR and MS is commercially available from Agilent Technologies [24]. , IR flow cell followed by MS interface. In many structure elucidation problems, FT-IR can provide useful complementary information to the GC–MS information.

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1). An alternative to the TIC is the mass chromatogram or extracted ion current (XIC) chromatogram, where the ion intensity of a selected m/z is plotted as a function of time. , for quantitative analysis, including fully automated peak integration and calibration by linear regression. 5. ANALYTICAL STRATEGIES USING GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY–MASS SPECTROMETRY In this section, a number of important aspects in the practice of GC–MS are discussed. Attention is paid to identification and confirmation of identity by library search, structure elucidation and qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis 24 Niessen and use of isotopically labeled internal standards, the potential of high-resolution MS, as well as multidimensional detection approaches.

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